Stage 1

Waterberg Stage 1 Profile

Leaving L'Abri, riders travel further north before entering the Rooiberg conservace booms, where the route splits form the 299km riders.  The road surface is generally good, but may deteriorate as riders approach Die Noute (a small cutting in the mountain), where the surface can become eroded after rains.  The section through Die Noute will see riders tarveling in both directions, and riders are urged to keep left around blind corners.  Once through Die Noute, riders will travel along fast gravel roads before truning towards the next check point at Alma Primary School.  The last section before Alma can be very corrugated, but is soon replaced by a tarred road that will lead riders to the end of the stage at Alma Primary School.  The stage will see riders climb around 400m over the 45km ride.

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