Race Crates will be available for Solo Rider, and 2Rider Teams.  As all relay teams will meet up with their support vehicles at each checkpoint, there will be no need for crates for these riders.


Rider (Solo and 2 Rider Teams) on the long route will receive two crates per team that can be left at the following two checkpoints:

  • Checkpoint 2: Koekepan Pub & Restaurant.  The first riders should reach CP2 at around 14:30 and the last riders around 18:00.  Slower riders may consider picking up some warmer clothes at CP2.
  • Checkpoint 4: Alma Primary School.  For the slower riders CP4 would be reached around first light (05:00), while the faster riders will reach CP3 just after dark, at around 20:00.

Race Crates


MPact crates (26 litre) are available for Solo and 2 Rider Teams on the long route, and the riders of the short route.  As all relay teams will meet up with their support vehicles at the various checkpoints, they have no need for crates.


Solo and 2 Rider Teams also have the option of support vehicle on the route, are advised to then leave supplies with their vehicles instead of using crates.


Any items left at any other location will be placed in lost and found storage.  All crates and items not claimed within one week of the event will be donated to charity.


Riders on the short route will be able to leave a crate at Checkpoint 3 (Alma).  The first riders should reach Alma at around 22:00, with the last riders expected around 02:00.  Alma lies in a shallow valley, and tend to get extremely cold.  Riders should consider leaving some warmer/dry clothes at CP4.