GPS Files (Rider Files)

Waterberg Traverse Long Route GPS Files

Race Crates


Download information regarding race crates.

Indemnity Form

Indemnity Form

The duly completed indemnity form should be submitted at race registration.  Please do not e-mail the completed document back, but only submit it at registration.

Race Rules

Event Rules

GPS files for the short and long route.


The following file formats are included:

  • KML: Typically used for Google Earth
  • GPX: Typical file format for sharing GPS data
  • TCX: Used by most cycling GPS units (including Garmin)
  • FIT: Used by newer Garmin GPS units

The GPX/TCX/FIT files listed are loaded with unlimited way points.  This provides the best accuracy.  Most devices should adjust the waypoints automatically to decrease file size as required.


If you are unsuccessful at loading the files on your specific device, please e-mail us with your device details and we will try and assist.

Checkpoint Menu

gallery/menu icon c

Menu for Check Points and Water Points.

Split Calculator

Download Split Calculator

Split calculator for each of the CPs and WPs.

Calculated your estimated arrival time at each CP and WP based on your planned finishing time.


WaterbergTraverse Short Route GPS Files

Support Vehicle Info & GPS Files

Support Vehicle Info
Waterberg Traverse Long Route Support Vehicle GPS Files
WaterbergTraverse Short Route Support Vehicle GPS Files
Support Vehicle Info